Ecotester Soeks – Information


The electronic model of the Ecotester Soeks. When the webpage is refreshed the model of the device restarts. Use the control buttons to navigate the menu.


To demonstrate the product capabilities there is an imitation of nitrates measurement.

In order to test the performance of the device, go to the Nitrate-tester mode and choose measuring product from the list. The device will show the action level of nitrates and will offer to press “OK”. Having done the measurements the device shows the nitrate concentration level (this level is chose randomly).

In order to check the performance of the device in the Dosimeter mode, go to the section “Radiation” and the device would show the random level of radiation background. You can also select a measuring product by pushing the button “Select a measuring product” located above the device.

This multipurpose instrument combines two important functions. You can easily check the level of nitrates in products and measure radiation background using the ecotester. When used as a dosimeter it can detect objects with high-power radiation.

Operation principles of the Ecotester

The device operates in two modes: nitrate-tester and dosimeter.

Nitrate concentration is checked by measuring the electrical conductivity of the sample, which depends on the amount of nitrate ions. The result is compared with the basic safe values stored in the memory of the device. Only fresh fruits and vegetables can be analyzed, since the decay of the chemical composition of the product changes, which affect the electrical conductivity of the environment.

In order to determine the level of radiation a standard built-in Geiger-Muller counter is used. It measures the number of ionizing particles (beta, gamma), X-rays. The results of the measurements, as well as the results of determination the nitrate level are displayed on a color TFT-screen.

The advantages of ecotester

High universality of this device. It can be used as two-in-one. Thre is no need to buy and carry around two devices.

  • Easy to use, the limit values for the main products are already stored in the device.
  • Speed of analysis. Estimated time of measurement <20 sec.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • A wide operating temperature range; can be used in different conditions.

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