Indicator of electro-magnetic fields “Impulse” – Information

The electronic model of Soeks Impulse device. When the webpage is refreshed the model of the device restarts. Use the control buttons to navigate the menu.


1) Cursor

2) Measurement/Menu

3) Select/Next


To demonstrate the product capabilities there is imitation of the magnetic emission.

To test the performance of the device switchover to different measurement modes using the button “Right”. In the device there are 4 display modes of the results:

1) Electromagnetic field in living area – the results of the measurements are compared to the norms of the living areas.

2) Electromagnetic field in housing zone – the results of the measurements are compared to the norms of the housing zones.

3) Electromagnetic field of personal computers – the results of the measurements are compared to the norms for personal computers.

4) Overview – you can see numerical indicators in this mode. Note that in this mode there is no comparison to the norms and the text message about the exceedance of the norms is not displayed on the screen. 

The indicator of the electromagnetic fields "Impulse" is designed to control electromagnetic safety standards – the detection and localization of areas of magnetic and electric fields. "Impulse" is able to determine the directivity of the electromagnetic field.

The cycles of the mesured fields vary upon 2 kHz. There are 3 magnetic fields sensors and 2 sensors of electric fields. Each of them makes a measurement in its own axis. Sensors are orthogonally directed.

  • 2D/3D directivity graph, thanks to which you can identify the source of electromagnetic radiation.
  • the indicator shows the estimated cycles of emitted signal, which helps to determine the nature of the radiation.
  • the display of the electromagnetic activity history over the last minute.
  • audio warning when reaching a certain emitting power threshold.
  • works from two AAA batteries or NiMh AAA batteries, as well as from USB.

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