Nitrate-tester Soeks NUC -019-1 – Informaciones

The electronic model of the Nitrate-tester Soeks. When the webpage is refreshed the model of the device restarts. Use the control buttons to navigate the menu.


To demonstrate the product capabilities there is an imitation of nitrates measurement.

In order to test the performance of the device, go to the Measurement section and select measuring product from the list. The device will show the action level of nitrates and will offer to press “OK”. Having done the measurements the device shows the nitrate concentration level (this level is chose randomly).

SOEKS presents a modern development of Russian origin made by "SOEKS" LLC. It is patented, certified and manufactured in Russia.

Nitrate-tester "SOEKS" is the winner of the International Competition "Best Product – 2009" in accordance with the results of the "PRODEXPO – 2009" exhibition.

This device is designed to assess the quantitative content of nitrates in vegetables, fruits, fresh meat, as well as in baby foods (rapid analysis).

The test for the content of nitrates in the analyzed product is made by piercing the measuring item withe a probe located at the bottom part of the device.

In the nitrate-tester "SOEKS" there is a special MAC rate (maximum allowable concentration rate) for each product in accordance with SanRaN In contrast to the older devices with pointed-type indicator, where the products were combined into groups, the nitrate-tester "SOEKS" is set to each specific product.

As a result of the measurement you will see the exact amount of the nitrate content in milligrams per kilogram of the inspected product, as well as recommendations for suitability for use in green, yellow or red colors.

Nitrate-tester fits comfortably your hand and weighs only 105 g. All you need is to turn the device on, select from the list of the product and get a result.

Easy to use, convenient, reliabile and valid device is now available and ready to serve you!

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